Weight Loss:

”I’ve also lost weight and have better eating habits!”

Before I came to the clinic my heart would flutter and my head would shake, plus I experienced hot flashes. Now I have noticed improvement and my hot flashes are gone! I’ve also lost weight and have better eating habits.

”Now my weight is down!”

I had low energy, a weight problem, and sore feet. Now my weight is down, I have more energy, and my skin is softer and less oily. I am eating better and my husband is now doing the program too!

”I have lost weight!”

I was tired, I had sore muscles, and I was craving sweets. Now I am much more active and the pain of my fibromyalgia is so much better. I don’t crave sugar much at all and I have lost weight.

”I’ve lost 11 pounds so far!”

I lived with a steady headache. I had very low energy and acne for the last 35 years. Now headaches are rare (only when I eat gluten). I am experiencing a lot more energy. My acne is almost completely gone and I’ve lost 11 pounds so far to boot! I am feeling better overall.

”I have lost 19 pounds!”

My cholesterol was 222 and dropped down to 166. I had acid reflux with consistent bouts even with medication. I also had consistent digestive problems. Now I am down to just a couple bouts of digestive issues and only 1 bout of acid reflux within the year. Also, after changing my diet to less carb intake I have lost 19 pounds.

” I’ve lost six pounds!”

I wasn’t sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours a night. I didn’t have a lot of energy because I was tired a lot of the time. I had problems with some of my shoes because of a scar on the top of my foot. I wanted to lose some weight. Now I sleep at least 6-7 hours a night. I have a lot more energy. My foot doesn’t hurt and the scar has gotten less noticeable. Not to mention, I’ve lost six pounds!

”Lost Weight…More Energy…No Colds!”

I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down.
Mena M.

”I have lost weight and reached my goal!”

Since going to my NTR doctor, I have lost weight, and reached my goal! I have much more energy, less headaches, etc. Another big point is antibiotic use. I have not needed an antibiotic for months, and that is wonderful. My children are a big element in my life. WE have our lives back. No more hospital admissions, sleepless nights, etc. My eldest child even asks for his supplements.
Suzie Adams

”Improvements in Joint Pain, Intestinal Disorder, Cholesterol…”

I have been seeing my NTR for 2 years, and have noticed an improvement in my joint paint, intestinal disorder, cholesterol, weight loss, and blood pressure. Before I came to the clinic, I was using a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs, but since I have been using my protocol I have not needed to use any of those drugs. I have more energy than I have had in years.
Evelyn A.

”Much More Energy”

I have much more energy, weight loss, more confidence, and feel better overall. I am anxious for the bimonthly appointments and I do not mind knowing what else can be found wrong with me, because I know my NTR doctor will get it taken care of.
Melanie D.

”Health Improvement”

NRT has helped me to address nutritional issues at this stage of my life as well as certain health issues of concern such as migraine headaches, stress, cholesterol, and weight concerns. As well as generalized health improvement.

”Changes in My Body”

Within one year of seeing my NRT doctor, I have noticed many changes in my body, scars have peeled, lumps have disappeared, my hernia has disappeared, along with the hernia in my belly button, my hair grows like crazy, my nails are stronger, mental attitude has improved, and I even went from a 44C bra to a 38C on the second hook.

”Lost 12 pounds!”

I have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of “bad foods”. I have lost 12 pounds since I started, and my indigestion concerns are much improved.
Susan G.

”I have lost weight!”

Since seeing my NRT doctor, my hot flashes have been taken care of; I have lost weight, which I did not even come for. The very painful bursitis in my shoulder has also been taken care of. Most of the pain I have suffered in the past has been resolved through the Thyroid supplements.
Gloria C.

“I lost 20 pounds!”

Prior to seeing my NRT doctor, I had chronic fatigue. Now I have more energy. I have lost 20 pounds, and I do not have to take as many pain medications.
Dolores K.

“My stamina is much better”

Upon first being seen at my NRT doctor’s office, I was tired; I ached all over, and carried extra pounds. After two months, my energy has increased, I am losing weight and my overall outlook on myself has improved, and my stamina is much better than it was in the beginning.
Sharon M.

“I am now back in my skinny clothes!”

When I first came here I was very tired, my stomach used to bloat out so far I looked like I was about 5 or 6 month pregnant. I was just very unhappy with how I looked and felt. Now, although I only lost 8lbs, all my pants have gotten very baggy on me and I am nowback in my skinny clothes. My stomach isn’t bloated anymore, even my fingers don’t swell as much. I have more energy and my stress level has gone down a lot. I realize I have more to go but I know at this rate I will have no problem getting there thanks to the people at the Nutritional Healing Center and their knowledge of the body, finding what’s wrong and knowing what it will take to fix it.
Sharon H.

“My pants are big!”

Before I came to my NRT doctor I no longer fit in my skinny jeans, not my period jeans. I was tired all the time. I had no energy or motivation to do what I had to do let alone what I wanted to do. Now I have energy and I’m cleaning out my house doing all the things I let lay. I am motivated to do them and I’m getting it done. My mind is clearer than ever, having clarity of thought. And even my eye sight is less cloudy. I feel like that song “I can see clearly now, the rain has gone.” And now my period pants are big and I fit comfortably in my skinny jeans. All the pants I bought last summer (my fat jeans) are pretty huge. When I run in them I have to hold them up. I can say that changing my eating habits and not cheating, along with the supplements, has changed my life. I thank God for you.


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