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updated Dr. Court Dr. Michael Court is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. His over 20 years in practice exemplifies his desire to help as many people as possible through non-invasive, self-healing practices that promote long term health. Dr. Court heads a practice of Specialty Treatments at Chippewa Valley Health & Wellness serving the Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona and Black River Falls areas.

He first became interested in Chiropractic at age 17 when it helped him overcome chronic pain he had as a result of a fall. It was a problem that traditional forms of medicine had not been able to help him ameliorate. That experience led him to become a licensed Chiropractor and eventually a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine focuses not only on treating conditions, but also treating the body to be proactive in defending itself before the conditions even arise. Dr. Court offers Patient Health Analysis, Nutrition Response Testing, and Designed Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Court provides his patients with precise painfree treatments with effective results for their conditions using the latest proven methods of modern technology and equipment. Dr. Court utilizes the Upper Cervical Atlas-Orthogonal Technique, Blair Upper Cervical Care, and NUCCA.

It is the passion and devotion to health and wellness that you will experience when you come to Chippewa Valley Health & Wellness. Michael J. Court, N.M.D. will find the source of your underlying health challenges and develop a personalized, clinically designed nutrition and treatment strategy that gets to the root of your problems and helps your body overcome them. At Chippewa Valley Health & Wellness, our one and only goal is to help you optimize your health.


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At Chippewa Valley Health & Wellness, our number one goal is to ensure that you have the health and well-being to live your life to the fullest. Dr. Michael J. Court, N.M.D. has devoted his life to helping his patients achieve the best health outcomes available to them and to make his practice the central provider of Eau Claire health solutions.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or from one of the many nutritionally based problems that your traditional physician has not been able to help you resolve, Chippewa Valley Health & Wellness is here for you. Our wellness mission strives to improve Chippewa Valley health outcomes for sufferers of all types.

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